New Beginnings

It sure has been a busy few weeks. One thing after another.   Wherever I turned around, I had something important to do. I mean I cannot believe all that has happen since I lost post on this blog. Some much changes and now things to talk about that I do not even know where to get started.

I guess I will start from the beginning. The most recent happening since the last time I blogged. Then go from there until the present day.

Well, my family and I decided it was time for us to move. My kids do not like the school that they are in. After discussing it with my husband we both decided that change a scenery will be great for everyone, somewhere where the entire family will be stimulated. Now we are busy running open houses and showing to potential buyers.

After we made the decision to move, I started feeling bad. Thinking that I was coming down with the flu that everyone and the mother seem to have, I went to see my doctor. After my examination, it turns that I did not have the flu. Nope, not the flu at all but something a little more permanent. We are pregnant.

Now we have to find a house with at least one more bathroom and bedroom. To accommodate everyone.

This girl have been a little bit stress, I have been shopping quite a bit.

Always Choose the Best

In my last post, I spoke about an invite only type of clothing store. I am going to be honest it was nice. Like it blew my mind. The person had it tight. Everything was well coordinated, perfectly laid out, well design. I mean I have been in some snazzy places but this one takes the cake.

There I was looking through some ties and cuff links that was just plain beautiful. I mean there no other word to describe it. Dude, has some bad pieces I love it and I found so much that I love and bought.

Then the oddest feeling came over me. Mind you, it is the middle of February, when I first started feeling the cool draft I assumed it was someone coming in or out of the front door. Right? I mean no one in their right mind would have their a/c unit this time of year. I mean there is snow on the ground.

With that, I kept on shopping. I was like a kid in a candy store. It was great. I was picking up ties, cuff links, slacks, shoes, I mean he had everything and it was as it was cater to my style.

There I was looking at some jeans thinking about which one I was going to buy and in what wash, cut, you know all of that good stuff. Then there it goes again that cool air. I mean I am really starting to feel cold. Before I know it, I am zipping and buttoning up my coat. I slipping on my gloves and tightening my scarf around my neck.

As I am doing this I think the owner, you know that person who invite me to his shop, noticed me bundling up. He makes his way over to me apologizing that his HVAC system is on the fritz. That just started giving him a problem this morning.

He just called the heating and cooling people; they were supposed to be on their way that very moment. I told him to call HVAC Pro Care. Funny thing is that that is exactly who he called. Because they are the best in the business.

Outlet Malls a Thing of the Past? I Sure Hope Not!

I love outlet malls and factory stores, heck I decided to devote an entire blog to just that. Imagine my surprise when I read last weekend that they may become outdated, sooner rather than later.

This type of thrifty designer retail centers have grown over the past few years in leaps and bounds.   More than anyone really thought they would. The industry that use to be a place where castoff was sent to die, with their irregular shirts, and mismatched socks. Not anymore, not including myself but I know many people that will go to these type of stores looking for great designer looks before setting foot in the actual designer retail space. Not because they cannot afford to but they just enjoy the spirit of the hunt. That feeling you get when you find a great item for next to nothing.

With that being said, the competitions has also increased for these type of spaces. Meaning that they are more eggs in the basket and its getting a little crowded. To me this seems like a great thing right. More competitors means better deals and discounts for folks like you and me. Right?


In the retail game, at least in the discount retail game, this means that the cost of business has increased for these type of stores. Not necessarily, the items, but things like rent, space availability, and things of that nature.

IF this store have more money, going out then there is less money going into our pockets, the consumer, by of savings.

Buy A Neverfull BagIt is possible

Louis Vuitton have a number of bags, totes, luggage, and among many other items. The Never full bag is one of those must own item for any Louis Vuitton enthusiasts.

I love mine; I use it almost every day too. From running from the office, to going out. It can be dressed up or down. No matter what I am doing, it is really my go to bag. This is a big thing to say for a girl like me live for purses, shoes, and clothes. I mean it is how I ern my living. Writing and exploring fashion!

Of all of my bags I wear the Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag the most. I love this bag so much that I have bought four. Whenever they come out with a new one, I buy it.

However buying it full retail can be a killer on the old bank account. Costing anything from seven hundred and fifty dollars to nine hundred dollars. Buying one, every year or so will does add up. How can I do it then?

Well I will let everyone on a secret. Do not buy retail. I have said this repeatedly in my blog. When you live on a budget, buying full retail for high-end designer goods is not usually something one can do on the regular. Not every day can be a splurge.

Go online and check out Louis Vuitton outlets and second hand stores. As well as apps. It is possible to live a baller lifestyle on a shoestring budget.

Shopping Tips

I am planning a great shopping trip this weekend. There are some great sales going on this weekend that anyone who knows anything ought to be out shopping on Saturday. You know what has better than the sales is the wonderful coupons!

This goes to my sure fire shopping trip greatness.   What to do to ensure that you have the greatest savings of all time. If you are planning to shop retail as I am this weekend you will want to know this.

Plan, plan, plan. This is crucial, make a game plan. Know where you are going, what you need, and ho w much to spend. Keep a budget and keep to the schedule.
Coupons. Always going online and see if there are any coupons. You never know what is available for you. Many times, I have checked out a stores website to be pleasantly surprise that I can save twenty percent off my entire purchase.
Make a list. Always keep a list. Mark the store the item is and the cost. More importantly than making, a list is sticking to it. Try not to deviate and be caught in the splendor of the hunt.
Comparative shop. What I like to do is shop around and compare prices. That way I can assure that, I am getting the best deal.
Keep these tips in your back pocket. They will save you a lot of time and even more money. Trust me. I use to go all Willy silly, now I have a plan and a budget.

It is great!

Offer Up its worth the bother

Once again I landed a great deal, I made out like a bandit as they say. Just last night I was on one of those second hand apps that folks can buy, sell, or trade with ease. I often refer to it as an online garage sale. Except this is even better because you can window shop and browse without going anywhere all over a person’s state. With the nearest first and then branching out.

Well anyway, I was doing my usual look about, checking out what is new and what item has been reduced. When I noticed that particular pair of leather, cognac Louis Vuitton loafers were marked down a hundred dollars from where it was last week.

Noticing the item has been on the market for quite some time. Then I thought this man might just come down a little more. With that, I shot him an offer. I went fifty dollars below his asking price.

After a few minutes, he responded back accepting my offer. Then he encourage me to look at his other offers, if I like he will make a deal if I buy more than one item from. Sounding like a great idea to me, I perused his other items available for purchase.

After a few minutes, I spotted a belt and pocket square that I added onto my purchase for an extra hundred dollars.

Not a bad day of shopping, from the seat of my pants. Now all I have to do is pick them up in an hour.

Man I love Offer Up!


You can catch more flies with honey!

I know I love to blog about scoring in great Louis Vuitton merchandise for a fraction of the retail cost. I can go on and on about a subject. However, I wanted to let you in another one of my secret for other name brand merchandise that I do not think that I have mention before.

This is one of those ones that I have kept to myself for many years. All of my friends have been trying for years to pry this last bit from my lips. I have always managed to elude them from the information. However, not anymore, I will release this information for you, my beloved readers.

Now do not blow up the stop or it may not be a feasible option anymore. It is one of those places where you just stop by every few months, say hey to the girls, ask a few questions then bounced. Do not over stay your welcome or they will not be so friendly the next time you come around.

If you are smart, which I know you are, you will bring them a treat. Something that is sweet, chocolatey, and without many calories. Yes, there is such a snack and it is delicious. However, I refused to give away all of my secrets. Today I will just share this one.

My go to spot for all high designer brand is the goodwill and Salvation Army stores.

I know many of you probably shop here already, but the trick to getting great stuff is to befriend the people working there. They will always hook you up!

Go International

I know many of us always think of America when you consider shopping at outlet malls. I am here to tell you that do not sell yourself short. Internationally shopping is the way to go.

If you have not already go out and get your passport, quickly. Because you are missing a world of deals—literally.

Not too long ago my close friend worked as a check in girl at the airport. Hoping to move up in the ranks as she continued her education.

A friend of mine did not make that much money, yet she still managed to own and wear all the latest clothing and gear. When we first met and became friends, I had noticed it but was too polite to ask.

Finally, after our friendship had developed some, the question was bought to her.

Surprised by my question, she thought she had already told me where she gets her stuff. That she had been meaning to invite me along with her on one of her trips.

As she spoke, I became even more curious with every word. Then she told china, India, France, and me.

Now there I was a sitting there looking stupid as if how can you afford to travel around the world when you just borrowed some money from me to help pay your rent last month. Not to throw shade but I was seriously perplexed.

She explained she can travel free and that what she does, shops around the world. International outlet mall hopping.

It is definitely the way to go.

The Big Score

I scored one of the best deals of a lifetime yesterday. I do not know what it is about a great deal but it is so exhilarating that I can hardly stop grinning whenever I think about it. I just typing this right now has me grinning from ear to ear. What a day!

Let me recall the day for you, that way it will be as if you were there with me. Experiencing the moment, we, perceptive shoppers, live for.

It started out like any other day, I woke up went for a run. Then I return home for a shower and breakfast. After a meal of a fruit salad and oatmeal, I felt great. I figured an I have a few hours until my meeting that afternoon, why not go hit up my favorite outlet mall on the eastside.

Just earlier, I had received a text alert saying they were having their clearance event and I have a coupon for twenty-five percent off my entire purchase.

After dressing and checking my calendar, I was off. Time top score the best deals of a lifetime.

I was one of the first people in the store other than the employees, of course, that means I have first dibs on the entire store.

As I am perusing the items on the shelves and hangers. I came across a rare gem. Something that I was just eyeing in a magazine.

A Marc-by-Marc Jacobs handbag, discounted eighty-seven percent!


Outlet Mall vs. Factored Store

Even though it is possible to save a bundle by shopping at outlet malls. Please remember that this is still a business, retailers and designers must make money. I mean designers realized in recent years that consumers love saving dollars. Therefore, they have increased the amount of things and stuff that they put in these stores. Which means unlike shopping in yesteryears, saving a great deal is no longer a guarantee.

There are much different type of malls to save a great deal of money. Outlet malls and Factory stores? What is the difference; well I will let you know. However, there are a few things to be aware of that will ensure that you save the most that you can.

There are a difference in outlet malls and factory stores. You must know the difference. If you are unsure what type of mall you are at, all you have to do is ask an employee.

Outlet Stores
An outlet store has a variety brands and designers all under one roof. You can save money-buying clothing from a wide range of places such as Coach, Nike, and Carter, just to name a few. It is a like a mall within one place. It is great when you are shopping for many people or one person that has a multitude of different likes and loves.

Factory Stores
Whereas an outlet mall has variety, you can score from different brands at a factory store it is just the one brand. You will not see any other brands there. Its where that particular designer sends all their extras to.